Thursday, August 31, 2006

Emo poetry time

Seriously, blame my friend Grace.

Your Smile

I smile at you
Across the room
And you smile back and pull me in

Your eyes are wormholes
To a strange and fantastic world
I peer into them and see the possibilities
Of what we could be
And I can’t look away

But of course I know I must
And I know at this point I must be staring,
So I glance around,
Trying to find something,
Anything else to look at.

I settle on my feet.

Then he comes in.
He smiles at you
Across the room
And you smile back, the same smile

The same smile
Yet he is the one
Who will take your hand in his
And hold you when your world falls apart

And in your eyes,
I see what we have,
And what could be fade away,
And I know I will have to be content
with a whispered “hello”
and a smile from across the room