Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Physical and mental models

When I write, I like to be able to envision things as they happen. To do that, I usually have to have a clear idea of what a character looks like. So when I invent a character, I like to have to models for him or her - a physical model and a mental model. They have nothing to do with each other. For instance, Jason and Fay Anderson, characters you're going to meet soon, are physically modeled off of Marten and Lara (with some minor changes, like red hair). Their personalities, however, are a mix of Paul and Marten, but mostly Tyler for Jason and a mix of Katie O'brien and Catie Phillabaum for Fay. Skyler has curly hair, but looks sort of like me otherwise. His personality is mostly mine, since he is the narrator. Mora is modeled off of Amanda Turner in some ways, but her personality isn't coming out how I wanted. The rest of the key characters are still abstract and will likely remain so for some time. This is in lieu of an update - I won't publish it until it's good enough, and this one clearly needs something, so bear with me. In a couple of days maybe.


violinvoice said...

Fay is a mix of Katie O'Brien and Catie Phillabum? That'll be the most random, off-the-wall crazy character I've ever met!

paul said...

Tyler, Marten and Paul combine into Tymartaul.

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

One thing I've learned in the last chapter is that it's very difficult to write that level of off-the-wall craziness while keeping it believable.