Friday, December 09, 2005

City of Mages Chapter VII

Xindor the Incredible was feeling rather flustered as he walked out of the Sorceror's guild Pyramid, so he was happy to see an old friend approach him.
"Halyn!" He called, hailing the oldest of the three approaching gnomes, "Welcome to Erriliance! If I'd known your carraige was in I would have gone to greet you. How was your trip?"
He reached Halyn and they shook hands.
"Not too bad," answered the bard, "But long. And we only just got in,"
"And is this the boy you wrote me about?" asked Xindor, indicating Erdyn, who was staring awe-struck at him.
"Yes," answered Halyn, "This is my brother, Erdyn. We think he may have sorceror powers,"
"Well," said Xindor, "We'll see about that. I've set up a testing session for him tomorrow where we'll determine if he's powerful enough for us to take him in. But first, I need to talk to you in my office,"
"It's been a very long day..." Halyn began, "If I could just-"
"Time," said the sorceror, "Is of the essence. I'll have someone show your brother and sister to their rooms. You come with me. Bogue!"
A man who was passing looked up. He had short reddish blonde hair, and was wearing a maroon robe with white symbols all over it.
"Yes?" he said looking up as if coming out of a dream. He looked around, then saw Xindor, "Oh, Hi Xindor!" he said, unexpressively.
"Show these two to their rooms, will you?" asked Xindor.
"Where are their rooms?" asked Bogue, confusedly.
"I've had temporary quarters set up for them at Margold Hall, by the Tower," answered Xindor.
"Ok," said Bogue, staring intently at nothing, "I think I know where that is. This way..."
He wandered off. Halyn shot his brother and sister a look that said "follow him", which they did, a little reluctantly.
"Bogue's a bit strange at times, but nice enough," said Xindor, "Now come with me. We have much to discuss,"
Xindor led Halyn into his office and shut the door. Then he waved he hands over the door and muttered a few words, and a blue field surrounded the room.
"Sound-proofing," Xindor explained, "The walls have ears,"*
"So," said Halyn, "What's so important you sent me all the way from the hills of Gloob, and so secret even the rest of the guild can't hear about it?"
He stared intently at Xindor, who stared back.
"Four years ago," began Xindor, "You wrote a ballad about me. As I remember it was rather popular,"
'Oh, definately," said Halyn, "Really jump-started my career, that number,"
"Yes," said Xindor, "Did wonders for my P.R., too. And such a catchy tune," he began humming the chorus.
Several verses later, Halyn was getting a bit impatient.
"Um... Xindor?" he said.
"Oh, right," said the sorceror, snapping out of it. "While my defeat of the goblins of Kobor was admirable, it's hardly a good summation of my character. I want you to write me new ballad, longer and a bit more serious,"
"If you don't mind my asking," asked Halyn, regardless of whether he did or not, "Why does this have to be said behind closed doors?"
"Because this ballad will determine how I'm viewed by future generations. YOu see, my dear Halyn, I'm dying,"
Halyn looked a bit shocked.
"What are you talking about?" said Halyn, "You look great! You could have twenty, thirty more years left. You're not.."
"I am," said Xindor, "I have two and a half at the most. But of couse I can't let on to anyone... It'd be mass chaos. Still, I need a song about all the great things I've done... a song to remember me by. And you're the only person I trust to write it,"
Halyn was quiet for a while, as he contemplated the magnitude of all this.
"I'm honored," he finally said, "I'll need several consultations with you so we can- "
"Oh, you'll get more than that!" interupted Xindor, "I want you to stay here watching me and taking notes until the end! Only then can you get a really good feel for my character. And you can write about how I faced the last great adventure with my chin held high! Xindor the Incredible's final farewell! What do you say?"
"Live here? But I'm not a magician**. And my brother and sister, they'll need someone to care for them,"
"If your brother shows any aptitude I'll make sure the guild accepts him. Your sister can study with the witches if she wants to. The hills of Gloob have produced some top-notch witches in the past. I'm sure they'll take her on. And even if not, she can still stay here. There are a few non-magicians around, and no one will dare harm you if you're under Guild protection,"
"I'll need time to think about it," said Halyn, after a minute.
"Unfortunately," said Xindor, "Time is the one thing I don't have,"

*In fact, only one wall in the Sorceror's guild had ears, the left wall of the entrance lobby. No one remembers how they got there.
**Umbrella term for Wizards, Sorcerors, Druids, and Witches (and even Wytches.) Anyone who uses magic is a magician.

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Erin said...

Great chapter! Well done. I like the idea of hiring the musician to follow him around and record his last years.