Monday, January 23, 2006

Hamlet in Limerick, Act I

There was a young Prince of the Danes
Who went most completely insane
Though he talked for five acts,
He gave almost no facts
And for pages on end he'd complain

For his uncle had murdered his dad,
But what made him incurably sad,
Was that not two months after
With mirth and with laughter
His Mother had married the cad!

Then the Ghost of Ham Senior returned
From the graveyard where he'd been interred
Hamlet he did regail
With his murderous tale
And this is the story he learned

"As one day I slept under a tree
My brother approached sneakily
took a draught most severe,
poured it into my ear
And now," said the Ghost, "Avenge me!"

Coming soon: Act II!


Erin said...

That rocks to no end.

Anonymous said...

That is definatly awesome. -Ash

Pirate_King said...

Nathan, you're a genius