Saturday, February 25, 2006

The City of Mages Guide to Characters

So the computer crashing thing kinda killed the website thing. This is plan B. Perhaps it will serve to make all this a little less confusing. In italics, where my inspiration comes from for some of them. This may be updated and reposted every ten chapters or so.

In order of Appearance:

Lady Cecilia: Race: Human. Leader of the Witches (mostly by virtue of no one else wanting the job.) Small elderly woman, usually very friendly and motherly, but can have some bite. Incredibly clairvoyant. All the witches are somewhat Discworld inspired. I'm trying to make Lady Cecilia not a Granny Weatherwax clone, but they do have rather a lot in common.

The Archmage: Race: Dwarf. Portly Leader of Erilliance's Wizards. Middle aged, friendly and cheerful.Who was Ged's best friend in Wizard of Earthsea? I can't remember, but this guy reminds me of him.

Thurigen: Race: Uncertain. Thurigen, Leader of the Druids, has transcended his corporeal form and now exists as an almost Demigod. Ancient, powerful, enigmatic and a bit tempermental. His assistant is Simile.

Xindor the Incredible: Race: High Elf of the Citadel. Leader of the Sorceror's Guild. One of the most powerful and popular sorcerors of all time (Also one of the most Arrogant and self-centered.) Pushing 450, due to die in less than 4 years (According to Lady Cecilia's prophecy.) His Niece is Amora of Tiesan. He harbors a grudge against Clayton Darkwood. Honestly, I worte the song first. Then I went from there.

Halyn: Race: Hill Gnome. Halyn is a Bard. He cares for his younger brother Erdyn and his younger sister Tiryn. He once wrote a very catchy song about Xindor the Incredible. This character is a shout out to Paul Simmons.

Erdyn: Race: Hill Gnome. Erdyn wants to be a sorceror, but has thus far displayed only minimal powers. His sister is Tiryn. His brother is Halyn.

Tiryn: Race: Hill Gnome. Tiryn is an insatiably curious and energetic young gnome. Sister to Halyn and Erdyn.

Clayton Darkwood: Race: Human. The Notorious Sorceror Pirate has been banished from both Xarnip and Erilliance. He currently commands the Simian scallywags of the Pirate Ship Abandon. He is old friends with Lady Cecilia. He hates Xindor the Incredible. He was once married to The Queen of Xarnip. His son is Brandon Darkwood. Though Clayton is just a guest in this series, I fully intend to write a series starring him someday. Ideally, I would like it to be a Manga (Provided I could get someone to draw it.)

Simile: Race: Doom Pixie. Sorceress, currently adjunct to Thurigen.

Dukalb Argoldson of Viiri: Race: Dwelf (Half Dwarf, half Elf.) Rejected by both his peoples, Dukalb sought out life as a Druid. Due to his mixed heritage, he has an affinity for trees and rocks. He's not a very good Druid, mostly due to a total lack of training.

Brandon Darkwood: Race: Half-Xarnipi Human. The Prince of Xarnip, often ostracized for his light skin, has recently begun accidentily turning people into animals. His father is Clayton Darkwood. His mother is The Queen of Xarnip. His half-sister is Jiuni. The main inspiration for Brandon was the account in the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook of how sorcerors develop their powers.

Jiuni: Race: Xarnipi Human. Half sister to Brandon Darkwood. Last we saw her, she was a parokeet.

The Queen of Xarnip: Race: Xarnipi Human. Large, wealthy, and Powerful. Formerly married to Clayton Darkwood. Mother of Numerous children, including Brandon Darkwood and Jiuni. Inspired by a certain Drama Teacher.

Vivacia Brown: Race: Human. Thin, mousy witch with a mess of brown hair. Resident of the prestigous Tiesan Hall. Shy, but friendly. Very close friends with Amora of Tiesan. Has a huge crush on Bogue. Trained by Lady Cecilia.

Bogue: Race: Human. Erilliance's leading Rune Master, Bogue is slightly disconnected to reality, due to spending so much time in the theoretical world of Runes. Something of a prodigy. Bogue is part Evan, part Marten, and part Rupert Giles, and part something I can't quite figure out.

Amora of Tiesan: Race: High Elf of the Citadel. Amora is a powerful budding sorceress. She has been spoiled both by her family's wealth and prestige and by her own great power, that of creating projectiles that alter people's emotions. She is controlling and manipulative, but essentially a decent person. Her best friend is Vivacia Brown. Her uncle is Xindor the Incredible. Amora is essentially every girl who has ever intentionally messed with my emotions (only she takes it to a whole new level)

More story coming soon. Hope this helps you keep them straight.


Pirate_King said...

don't worry about lady cecilia, its impossible to be a granny weatherwax clone and usually friendly. Granny is almost never friendly.

Erin said...

Wow. That is incredibly helpful! Thank you! Things should be much easier to keep track of now