Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was cleaning my room today and I found this. It was, as far as I can tell, my attempt to convince someone the Dune would work as an opera. I sort of remember the tune.

Chorus: Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet. Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet. (Repeat under soloists)

Duke Leto: Now we prepare for the move to Arrakis,
The planet that's come to be known as Dune.
And for now that creates quite a ruckus,
It will make things better soon.

Gurney: Leaving our home on Caladon,
The waters that we love so much,
For a planet you can't even make a salad on,
And the vegetation's far from Lush!

Thufir: Though the climate may be inhospitable, The spice will be quite profitable.

Gurney: While the spice may bring us fame and fortune,
The planet we're getting is basically crap!

Thufir: Also we need to proceed with caution, or risk falling into a Harkonnen trap!

Yueh: Harkonnen trap?

Thufir: Harkonnen traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

Leto: And not only Harkonnens! The Emperor and his Saudaukar too!
Ruthless death troops from a hell like world, too take back Arrakis -

Paul: What can we do?

Gurney: All of our armies, working together,
couldn't stop a single Saudaukar!

Yueh: They're as unstoppable as the weather,
All we can do is Surrender!

All: Surrender?

Yueh: Surrender!

Leto: Wrong! We have a force at our disposal,
as powerful as them, men!
Duncan Idaho is gone to make a proposal
to the leaders of the Fremen!

Paul: You plan to make the Fremen,
The wild, native inhabitants of Dune,
Ruthless death troops, it's a hell-like world -
Defending Arrakis - It just might work!

Thufir: His plan may be permittable, the Fremen are quite formittable.

Yueh: They fight off sandworms, it's the harshest life!

Gurney: Even their women, who one would take as a wife!

Paul: Anyone who can endure such strife -

Leto: If anyone can do it,

All: They caaaaaaaaaaan!


And length wouldn't be an issue - that sums up a good fifty or sixty pages right there.

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Lina Bean said...

this may have been wasted on me because i dont know what dune is. how sad. sleep now.