Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nightcrawler log, Preliminary entry

With just two weeks until the premier of X-3: The Last Stand, it is entirely too late for me to be just starting on one of my most ambitious costume projects yet. But I am. And I will be journaling my experiences here, for you, the many dedicated readers of this blog. Oh, who am I kidding. For you, Erin.
Anyway, yesterday I scoured Google for a good image of Nightcrawler's costume from the TV series (so as to match Tim's excellent Gambit outfit.) I found several, and came up with a comprehensive plan for completing my costume before the premiere.

Step one: secure materials. I will need:

A long sleeved grey shirt, preferably skin tight.

Grey Pants in as similar a color as possible, with belt loops.

Orange fabric.

Two pairs of white knee socks, preferably with Orange trim.

One pair of those cheap strecthy gloves, also white.

Index cards

A wire coat hanger

Blue fabric.

Blue duct tape.

Blue face paint.

Vulcan or elf ears.

Vampire teeth.

Hair Gel.

Black spray dye.

This afternoon I hope to secure as many of these materials as possible. I intend to complete the hands and feet this week, so I can dedicate the last week to dealing with the problem of the tail.

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