Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Weapon Ability: Spell catching

Most of the time a weapon with the spell-catching ability appears to be a normal weapon. Whenever a spell requiring an attack roll or a reflex save is cast on the wielder of the weapon, he or she can take an immediate action to try and "catch" the spell. To catch a spell, the wielder must succeed on an attack roll opposed by the wielder's attack roll or the spell's save DC, whichever is most applicable. Once a spell is caught, it has no effect on the wielder and its magical energy is absorbed by the weapon, enhancing it. The weapon gains an additional enhancement bonus to attack rolls equal to the spell's level, which lasts for one round per point of the weapons (new) attack bonus. The weapon also gains an additional special property based on the type of spell that was absorbed:

Divine spell
Good caster: Holy weapon
Evil caster: Unholy weapon
Arcane spell
Evocation: The spell deals 1d6 points of whatever type of damage normally dealt by the spell
Conjuration: Throwing
Divination: Keen
Enchantment: Merciful
Illusion: Blinding (like a blinding shield)
Necromancy: Vicious
Transmutation: Throwing
Abjuration: Defending

Price bonus: +2


Marten said...

spells and materials required to construct it? sounds like a pretty powerful item

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

Definitely didn't mean to include throwing twice. Have to choose a new power for transmutation. Anyway, I don't think it's too powerful because the enhancement bonus is temporary and all the abilities only have a +1 price bonus on them. I think I will modify it to make it clear that the enhancement bonus can never exceed +5.

Spells required - probably Spell Turning and Imbue with Spell Ability.