Sunday, October 07, 2007


My country is under siege from within

By terrorists using biological warfare

And now they are threatening our children

It’s not enough that we have to put up

With the locusts they have unleashed

to eat our crops and destroy our food supply.

It’s not enough that they’ve contaminated our water

So that instead of flowing clear it runs red,

And they have infected our livestock

With a deadly pestilence

No, not for him, the smug, bearded murderer

Who calls himself a freedom fighter,

A Holy Warrior, who says that God is On His Side,

Then says he will murder our children

if we don’t give in to his demands.

We must be strong. We must not yield.

Even though a “Great cry be heard,

as has never been heard, and never will be again,”

Egypt does not negotiate with terrorists.

I will not let your people go.

1 comment:

Marten said...

I really like this. I can't catch the verse, but that doesn't matter much. I like the perspective, and the last line.