Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It was a good idea, but there was to much pressure to get it right. From now on, this is my place. It will have no order. Sometimes it will contain your typical blogging fare, but I reserve the right to post anything I want to. The purpose of this blog is not to entertain anyone but myself, but if it does, I won't complain. If it doesn't, however, you should not complain. When I get settlewd in, there will probably be short stories and everntually I may attempt a novella. These you may critique at your leisure. everything else you may disagree with, but you may not complain. That is, feel free to make comments critiquing my opinions, but not my presentation of said opinions. So to reiterate - this blog, mine. It is not for your personal entertainment, so don't complain about it to me. When a section is intended for your entertainment, you will know.

Have a nice day.

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