Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Now for my first real post: A new TV show idea! Since Stargate: Atlantis stole enough of my most promising idea that it would be plagiarism to use it, I've needed a new one. I really like this one, though. Right now I'm calling it Exodus.

Ok, basically, way in the future, the solar system is controlled by a ruthless theocratic dictatorship. The church controlls everything, and only their twisted religion is allowed. This religion prohibits intersteller travel, and the technique for it has been lost to time.
This all happened because, hundreds of years earlier, humans traveled the galaxy freely. One hapless human angered an extremely powerful alien race, and they responded by devasting human colonies on a drive towards Earth. Earth repelled the attack, but soon after the church came to power, and destroyed all stardrives, and anywhere where knowledge of them was kept, in the interest of protecting the planet.
Anyway, now some other religious groups still survive in secret, but heavily persecuted. They've formed an alliance to help eachother survive. When a Mormon teraformer, surveying a small moon of saturn, discovers a buried stardrive, this alliance prepares a fleet for the next great Exodus.
The pilgrims narrowly escape the Solar System, but outside must contend with hostile aliens as well as internal power struggles in their search for the "promised land".

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