Monday, June 13, 2005

Chapter 32: Politics

That evening, I was getting on my computer surfing the web, when Mora IMed me:
Dark_Lady_42: Hey you see this?
I clicked on the link. It took me to an article on Yahoo! news:
Senator Walsh Linked to MLF
Senator Sean Walsh (D, New Hamphsire) may have to change his plans for 2008. Shadows were cast today on his designs for the presidency when rival Democrat Jim Braxton (D, Indiana) accused him of having ties to the Magical Liberation Front, the magical rights group that has long been suspected of terrorist activity. Fowler stated in a speech to the strongly anti-magical Southern Baptist Convention that Consolidated Starches, the company where Walsh worked for several years and of which his uncle, Fintan O'Connell, is CEO, makes huge anual contributions to the MLF. "If this man is elected," said Braxton, "Magic will come to replace Christianity in American households. Our forefathers began the work of stamping out this scourge, and as president, I will work to continue it,"
"I believe in the rights of all Americans," said Walsh, in a special press conference to address these accusations, "Including those of Elven or Draconic heritage. I do not, however, support the activities of Draconic terrorists that may or may not be connected to the MLF. They have every right to expect the same rights and freedoms as other Americans, but they should strive to achieve them through legislation and due process of law, not brute force and terror,"
Mr. O'Connell was unavailable for comment.
It was interesting. I hadn't really been following the political struggles of the MLF. I guess I just hadn't yet realized they could apply to me. I almost started a web search, but then I remembered what Teresa had told me about my computer being watched. I decided to give her a call. To my surprise, she picked up.
"Yes," she said, exasperated.
"I was just reading this article about Senator Walsh, and I was wondering -"
She cut me off - "I know. We can't talk about it over the phone. Thursday. And please don't call me unless it's an emergency,"
She hung up.
The6th: Got anything on that writing yet?
Dark_Lady_42: Not yet, I'm working on it.
Dark_Lady_42: Give me some time.
The6th: Ok. keep me posted.
Dark_Lady_42: k
Dark_Lady_42: I g2g
Dark_Lady_42 signed out at 4:05:22.
;">I decided to risk it and click on the link to the MLF, which took me to their official website. The site showed pictures of friendly, happy looking people, and contained a bubbly mission statement about "helping Draconic-Americans, Elvish-Americans and others of magical heritage to adapt and fit into a changing world." No mention was made on the entire site of vampires. Most of the language was incredibly vague.
It was going nowhere, so I decided to sign off. I would sure I would find out the real story soon enough.


Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

A few notes about this post:
1. The links don't work, they're not supposed to, don't click them
2. This plotline was not supposed to happen until part two. I changed my mind based on something I just realized. Don't expect this to be followed up on anytime soon.

wings said...

1)I tried that *blush*
2)okay, I'll be patient.
I can't believe I cant rememeber anything about the MFL!! I'm very angry. *Goes to re-read some posts*

Erin said...

Yeah, and I couldn't remember who Mora was, either. But good post.

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

Woot! Fixed the color!