Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm having trouble coming back to either COM or the Dragon story. It just feels like they belong to a completely different time. High school is like a whole other life, and it feels strange to go back to the things I was writing there.
Being here has also made me think about my style and my process, and I think it needs to be reworked in general. Hopefully I'll beng taking a fictional writing course next semester and then I can come back to these stories with a fresh eye. Until then... well I don't know. Starting a new story I feel would infuriate people, and it annoys me, seeing as I've still never finished one (a long one, that is.) So for now I think I'm gonna stick to trying to write short, artsy stories without much plot and poetry. I'm also thinking about using this site for some writing excercises I've been playing with in my head.

If I think of anything to write, I may post something today.

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