Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Origin story

So I was writing a paper on Dante and I came up with an idea for a story. Like most of my ideas, it's probably been done before by someone famous who I've never heard of, but to me it's original. I'm not saying I believe any of this is true, just that it would be an interesting take on history and especially the events of the Bible, and a really good setting for an epic adventure story. Basically, the idea is that a supreme being creates the universe, and sets evolution and everything in motion, but doesn't anticipate humans evolving into self-aware beings. So humanity starts completely screwing with the divine plan, and the supreme being has to improvise. So the supreme being creates lesser beings to rule over individual groups of humans - The Greek, Norse, Hindu, and other Pantheons. Unfortunately, these lesser beings start telling the humans that they really created the universe, and leaving out any mention of the supreme being. This wasn't in the deal, and the supreme being tries to eliminate these false gods. Unfortunately, he does this too late - humans are already believing in and worshiping all kinds of things. And so the other gods are stronger now, because belief strengthens them, and mount a battle against the supreme being for control of the earth. The commodity they fight over is belief- Any god can shape physical things, but the ability to shape humans is elusive, and they can't figure out how to.
This, I think, is where I set the story - with a group of humans being commisioned by the supreme being to be his instruments in fighting the false Gods he himself created. Here it diverges from mirroring history and delves into a fantastic world populated by creatures from every mythology imaginable.
The scope here is enormous, so it will staying on the drawing board for a while, but I think I could do some really good things with this basic concept.
I know, I know, finish the two stories you've started already. I will, I will. I'm just putting this here so I won't forget it, and so you guys can give me feedback on the concept.


The Jon of (Dis)truction said...

I've read part of a series with a similar idea...
I didn't get far enough into it to find out about the origin, but it had a lot of different mythological creatures from different cultures. I don't want to say to much, 'cause i don't want to kill any of your ideas. I really enjoyed its idea, but didn't really enjoy the story (not my taste of writing style). I think it would be much improved if written by a Cornstalk

Anonymous said...

Great Idea
I love things that promote freethinking & reason. Being a non-believer, I have not witnessed any evidence of a supreme being, and if there was one I fail to see why it would be necessary for me to pay homage to him/her. We may be here for a purpose, but I will not waste my time living in fear of the consequences of not adopting an allegiance to something unknown & unproved. Thanks - G