Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sonnet for Global Warming

Winter is come too late this year, and meek
With fearsome flurries falling in the night
Only to melt away when daylight peeks
Out over the horizon – tis’ not right
For it should be a wild, untamed beast
With fierce and biting cold none can resist
But cold has not been fearsome in the least,
And no strong winds have offered to assist.
Since no white blanket covers these fair hills,
And nothing, save a jacket is required,
To keep us from these weak, ill-tempered chills,
This song, invoking winter, is inspired,
Therefore, keep we our greenhouse gasses low,
If e’er again we wish to see the snow.


The Jon of (Dis)truction said...

Are you serious? Muncie has been the exact opposite of Hell with it's frigidity, and wind! I've even started wearing real shoes!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome sonnet :D