Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Revival - Chapter 10: My first mistake

For the next few days, it looked like I might have a normal life. No startling revelations, no mysterious IMs telling me what not to do, no unidentified voices - I was actually starting to forget about things.
Thursday afternoon, as I was thinking over all this, it occured to me that I really knew very little about draconics, the MFA, or any of this bussiness. I decided to just do some basic research. I had barely typed "Draconic" into Google when I recieved an IM.
dragon_gurl'01: Skyler, what are you doing?
It was her again. I was sick of this. I wasn't going to let her stop me. I ignored her and clicked on the first link.
dragon_gurl'01: Get off that site right now, Skyler
dragon_gurl'01: We talked about this
We hadn't talked about anything. In our last conversation she'd done nothing but repeatedly tell me to stop looking up my mother. I typed my reply:
The6th: No we didn't
The6th: I still don't know who you are
dragon_gurl'01: I'm a friend, ok?
dragon_gurl'01: The enemy isn't tracking you nearly as closely as we are, but he might have filters for some keywords
dragon_gurl'01: We can't take any chances with you
The6th: who is this enemy you keep talking about?
The6th: and why are you tracking me so closely?
dragon_gurl'01: I'll explain that all eventually, but for now you have to trust us
dragon_gurl'01: Get off that website, ok?
No one likes being kept in the dark. I was fed up with this. I decided to use the only card I had.
The6th: Tell me who you are and what's going on, or I'll type "I am Skyler Woods Brimmer and a powerful draconic" into Google!
dragon_gurl'01: Don't be an idiot, Skyler
dragon_gurl'01: He has eyes everywhere, and he'd like nothing better than to catch the heir to the Brimmer family unawares and with no powers
dragon_gurl'01: Now you have two options: Do as we say and live a relatively normal life, or keep looking for answers, and some morning very soon you'll wake up dead
She was right; I'm not stupid. And I wasn't going to risk that she might be telling the truth. I signed off of the internet and, just to be safe, deleted my history files. Before I signed off of IM, though, I sent a final message.
The6th: You sure there's nothing else you can tell me?
dragon_gurl'01: All in good time. For now the less you know, the better. Trust us, Skyler. We'll keep you safe.

I was still a little uneasy about the whole thing, but there wasn't really much I could do. I signed off and went to do some homework.


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