Monday, January 03, 2005

Revival - Chapter 8: magicasian89

The6th: Hey
magicasian89: Oh, hey.
magicasian89: what's the thing tomorrow about?
The6th: We're gonna steal a motorcycle
magicasian89: Harvey?
The6th: yup.
magicasian89: I think I might sit this one out.
The6th: understandable
magicasian89: he doing this for Marissa?
The6th: Who knows? His mind works in strange ways
magicasian89: you could say that about any of us
The6th: lol true.
magicasian89: brb.
The6th: k
magicasian89 is away at 7:15 PM
magicasian89 returned at 7:35 PM
magicasian89: Sorry that took so long
The6th: 's ok
magicasian89: My father needed help with one of his demonstrations
The6th: You run the projector or something?
magicasian89: something like that
The6th: Something weird happened while you were gone
magicasian89: really
The6th: This girl just randomly started IMing me
The6th: At least I think it was a girl
magicasian89: You know her?
The6th: no
The6th: but she seemed to know a lot about me
The6th: wouldn't tell me who she was
The6th: it was kinda creepy
magicasian89: sure it's not just your sister playing as joke on you?
The6th: I really don't think so
The6th: her sn bothered me too
magicasian89: what was it?
The6th: dragon_gurl'01
magicasian89: what was she talking to you abuot?
magicasian89: *about
The6th: stuff she had no way of knowing
magicasian89: like what?
The6th: I can't say
magicasian89: ah
magicasian89: listen
magicasian89: If you ever need someone to talk to
magicasian89: I know what it's like having something like this going on and not be able to tell anyone.
The6th: Why's that?
magicasian89: I can't say
magicasian89: I wish I could tell you Sky, I really do
magicasian89: I have to go
The6th: see you tomorow
magicasian89: bye
magicasian89 signed off at 7:51 PM


Anonymous said...

Bonus update!

wings said...

I'm riveted. Seriously, im addicted now. I finally read your story, as i havent had time before now, and im so sad i didnt. hurry up and post more! I waiting... i especiall like the thing about his friend Zhong... very mysterious...

Erin said...

Ooh! Fancy! I liked the code letter, and I like this IM conversation a lot. Very realistic.

Pirate_King said...

cool idea