Thursday, January 20, 2005

Revival - Chapter 11: The Heist

The next day was Friday, and it was time to get the plan underway. Jason had made sure Marissa would be waiting for hime around 7:30 - quite how he'd accomplished this, I wasn't sure. Regardless, this gave us about an hour and a half, after the Anderson's had finally left with Fay and Zhong, to find the keys. Jason and Fay had told me what they knew about their parents' standard hiding places, from similar experiences over the years. Jason had then gone to search their room. I felt a little uneasy searching someone else's house, but on the other hand it was kind of exciting. Plus, we were just trying to get back something that rightfully belonged to Jason and Fay. It's not like we were trying to steal anything.
I was in the basement, digging through various boxes and things. Not actually opening them- apparently the Andersons would never hide anything small in a large place, because of when Mr. Anderson lost his Social Security card. But apparently, there was precedent for them hiding a fairly flat object by taping it to the bottom of a box, although Fay doubted they'd try something like that twice. Still, I figured I'd check all the boxes.
As I removed one box from the side of the wall, I was given a bit of a scare by what appeared to be a full suit of medievil armor. I resolved to ask Jason about it. I finished the rest of the boxes and went upstairs for my next assignment.
"Hey" said Jason, as he rummaged through a kitchen drawer. He looked up and hald up a small, but normal-looking key. "I think this is the key to the shed. Go check it while I look for the other one,"
"Sure," I answered. he handed me the key and went back to his work. I turned to go, then stopped and asked him, "Why do you have a suit of armor in your basement?"
"A suit of what?" he asked, somewhat startled.
"Armor," I responded, "Like, old medievil stuff,"
"You're kidding," he answered, "Where?"
"Behind some boxes, I'll show you later," I turned to leave.
"Great," he said as I walked out.
The key fit the lock on the old shed perfectly, and, after a little coaxing, I managed to get it to turn. Actually opening the door was harder still, but eventually it slid open without major incident. Inside was Harvey, and a helmet, along with some tools and a few cans of gasoline. I walked over to to Harvey. It - he? - seemed like so much more than a common vehicle. Noble, somehow, like a trusty steed. I could see why it had such a pull on Jason. In fact, I was having trouble pulling my eyes off of it myself. I was still standing there when Jason came in behind me.
"Hey," he said. It startled me - I hadn't noticed him coming in. He was wearing a leather Javket and looked pretty much ready to go.
"I found the key," he said. "I'm gonna go. Lock the shed behind me and leave the key in my mother's left bathroom drawer. Thanks for your help,"
He puled the helmet on and jumped on Harvey's back. Maybe it's just my mind jumbling it with the armor I'd just seen, but something about Jason on that motorcycle seemed very knightly.
"How you getting home?" he asked
"Bus," I said, "I've got faire,"
"Sure you don't want a ride?" he asked.
"No," I answered, "I'm good. Good luck tonight,"
"Thanks man," he said. He zoomed off.
I locked up the shed, put back the key, and I was about to start off on my walk to the bus stop when I noticed the track left by the motorcycle tires on the snow. It was getting dark, but I didn't want to risk leaving such an obvious sign. Besides, I'd always had an especially high tolerance for cold. I selected a large branch from the wooded area behind the house and tried to do that thing people do in the movies, where they cover their tracks with large branches. It didn't go especially well, but it did look better than it had before. It was quite dark by the time I'd finished. I took the branch back to the woods, and had just set it down when I fet something. Two cold hands had set themelves on my shoulders. I turned around just in time. The guy was trying to bite me. He was freakishly strong, to - I could barely turn around. The man had pale white skin and dark hair, and glowing red eyes. His mouth was open, revealing two large fangs. And he was pulling me towards him.


Erin said...

Cool! I am intruiged by the Jason-Knight thing-- seems like that could go interesting places.
Yay, vampire!

wings said...

OMG! Not you too! Everyone seems vampire obssessed just now, I get so much of it at school :P. Sounds cool though. :D

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

Sorry, but the Vampires have been a part of this thing since the very beginning - they were one of the first parts of the concept I thought of.