Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why am I such an idiot!?!?

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I see the pattern - meet girl, fall for girl, watch girl get swept up by some other guy, get over girl, repeat FOUR FRICKIN' TIMES! And yet I continue to fall for them. And next week, Shane will manage to steal Claire from me, I'll cry, I'll get over her, and I'll start over with someone else around Thursday. Well, I'm sick of it. This time I'm not stepping aside. If he wants her, he's going to have to win her over before I do. Don't envy the other guy. Be the other guy. Because she asked me out. She's interested. So she's not just leading me on - I do have a shot of coming out on top this time. I just have to not give in.
And if I lose, that's it. No more falling for anyone at all until at least next semester. (Like that's gonna happen.)


wings said...

Join the "Love Sucks" club.

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

But love has so little to do with it. I'd rather join the "girl's suck" club.

The Jon of (Dis)truction said...

Girls don't suck, just the ones you fall for.

Hey, can I make a plug for my new blog? Please, please?

wings said...

Nathan, you can't join the "Girl's suck" because that's a club about suck BELONGING TO GIRLS. You may however join a "Girls Suck" club.
Geez, it's not hard people! It's and its.