Sunday, October 31, 2004

Best CD ever

I've just burned the best CD ever. It's called Broadway Lover's Pizza, and it contains:

1. I Need to Know - from Jekyll and Hyde
2. God Save the People - from Godspell
3. Man of La Mancha - from Man of La Mancha
4. Prayer - from Scarlett Pimpernel
5. Heaven on their Minds - from Jesus Christ Superstar
6. Falcon in the Dive - from Scarlett Pimpernel
7.As Good as You - from Jane Eyre
8. Confrontation - from Les Miserables
9. The World Has Gone Insane - from Jekyll and Hyde
10. Defying Gravity - from Wicked
11. Alas for You - from Godspell
12. She Cries - from Songs for a New World
13. To Each his Dulcinea - from Man of La Mancha
14. No Good Deed - from Wicked
15. Aldonza - from Man of La Mancha
16. Farewell Good Angel - From Jane Eyre
17. Flying Home - from Songs for a New World
18. Gethsemane - from Jesus Christ Superstar
19. Javert's Suicide - from Les Miserables
20. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - from Les Miserables
21. The Impossible Dream - from Man of La Mancha

Yes Man of La Mancha has about a 4th of the songs. That's because it's quite possibly the best musical ever. I almost put Knight of the Woeful Countenance on there too. Awesomest CD yet.

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