Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Universal Soul Theory

Ok, so here it is. We start with the idea of reincarnation, of the sort where you get progressively better each time. The catch is, the cycle isn't connected to linear time. So you can be reincarnated before you were born, or even at the same time. That means there can be more than one copy of your soul. So, next twist, what if everyone has the same soul? Everyone who ever lived or ever will live is a reincarnation of the same person, each other getting incrementally better. Ok, final twist. What if the last incarnation is first chronologically, and it's God. God creates the cycle, but God is also the culmination of it. That's the universal soul theory. We are all the same person, and we're all god.

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wings said...

Wow... that's deep. Wierd. Its so... i dont even know. I need to go think.