Friday, October 15, 2004

What a lot of people would refer to as love (It's not love, but I'm not sure what to call it) has one peculiar consequence. It can be eleven o'clock at night and I can have no hope of getting my homework done, and it will ruin my GPA, and I honestly don't care, because the intervening time I spent with that person was so incredible, and because I know I'll see her again tomorrow. This sudden sense of apathy maybe seems like a bad thing because of what you're left with when it ends, but from where I'm standing, it just seems like a good deal all around. Cause if it weren't for her, I'd be really really miserable right now. And despite all my reasons to be miserable, I'm still ecstatic. I should also note that I'm horribly sleep-deprived, ,which tends to heighten such feelings, and I will probably regret posting this for some reason, but it's that uncontainable sort of exitement that I'm talking about. I know she doesn't read my blog, and if she does, well, I don't mind her seeing this. If nothing else it'll be a huge self-esteem boost. You can call me childish, rash, or immature, but I'm happier now than I've been in a long time.

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