Sunday, October 24, 2004

New alphabet

The current alphabet makes no sense, so it's high time we made some changes. First off, C is useless - all it's sounds can be madeby s or k, so out it goes. And don't say "What about ch?". Obviously that will be it's own letter, as will th and sh. We also need to scrap x - we can replace it with ks or z whenever it's needed. If we don't just replace q with kw, we should at least make qu one letter, since q never appears by itself. Finally, the new alphabet should be arranged by usage, and all words respelled.
Changes should begin immediatly, begining with the elimination of that troublesome c. I apologize if you have one of the offending letters in your name, as I know this will be diffikult for you. We'll do what we kan to help out.


wings said...

my only problem letter is y, which kan be replased with i in my name. And q is bi itself in french-- "cinq", the word for five, and "coq" which is rooster.

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

I'm talking about the English alphabet here. Leave French out of this; it has enough problems on it's own.

wings said...

Amen to that