Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Doom Pixie Chronicles: Part I

Ok, here goes. No title for this story yet, cause I haven't thought of a good one. I feel kinda weird posting these stories in segments since each one is a chapter in and of itself, so it's kinda of like posting a chapter of a chapter, but I figure my readers (if I have any) would just as so have something as wait another couple months. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, when this story is over, I'll probably archive it as one post for people reading back. With some changes and, of course, a title. Consider this the beginning of a rough draft.

Dawn was just breaking over the forest as Simile opened her eyes. She looked over and saw Brazik next to her, snoring softly. Quietly, so as not to wake him, she slipped out of bed, and pulled on a clean moccra* and one of her generic hunting skirts. Then she grabbed one of her bags, folded it up, and stepped out of the tent.
She looked around at the camp, past the leaf-tents and the small fire-pit. Her eyes settled on a sleeping turquoise figure. She walked towards him, stepping carefully around a fallen leaf so as not to crinkle it. When she stood above the sleeping figure, she kicked it rather forcefully in the side. The pixie stirred, looked around dazedly, then sat bolt upright.
"I'm so sorry," he began, "P-p-p-p-please don't tell Brazik! I was just s-so tired, from last night, and Isa didn't show up to take her shift and I thought, I'll just rest my eyes a moment and then-" he looked up and into Simile's ice-cold stare and stopped. Her stare tended to have that effect on people. It felt like a laser sight on your forehead.
"P-p-please don't kill me?" suggested the terrified pixie.
Simile's face melted into slightly mischievous laughter. She smiled. "Fortunately for you, Poji, sleeping on guard duty is hardly a capital offense. And Isa's as much at fault as you - the girl's probably sleeping in. I'm not gonna tell Brazik. Don't worry,"
"Thank you so much," said Poji, incredibly relieved, "I was just so scared when I woke up and saw you, I mean his mistress of all people, and then you started staring at me and -"
"You should talk less," interrupted the other. "And I'm not his mistress. We're ....Close friends, that's all,"
"I saw you being friendly with him at the party last night," answered Poji.
"How dare you accuse me of monogamy? With Brazik of all people. Me, a daughter of the royal house**, with that obnoxious -"
"Alright, get ahold of yourself. I just figured, you spend enough time together..."
"Well, you figured wrong. Now, I'm going out to get us all some breakfast. Wake Isa then go in and sleep for two hours. We've got a big day ahead of us,"
With that, she spread her wings to shake off the dew that had accumulated that night and began beating them furiously. She rose into the air, dipped a little, then zoomed up through the canopy.
*A one-piece garment for Pixie women designed to be easily slipped on without damaging the wings. It is not immodest to wear one alone, but a skirt is usually worn with it.
**Doom pixies haven't had nobility in hundreds of years, but back when it did, they had purple skin. Anyone with purple skin is now said to be of the royal house, and many look at it with a sense of pride.

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Erin said...

Yay! I'm very interested in seeing where this story goes. Doom pixies are awesome!