Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bonus pixie update! The story finally gets interesting!

As Simile approached the camp, two things about the girl at the orchard still bothered her. The mystery of her appearance and attire rested heavily on her mind, along with a mix of guilt and anxiety for leaving her unconscious in the forest. She was mulling over this as Brazik flew up to meet her.
"Good morning, sweetheart" he said in his deep, husky voice. His unusually large wings were beating furiously to keep his Bulky, muscular body in the air. He moved forward to try to kiss her, but she darted backwards, then up and over his hear, turning around as she passed him, then flying backwards towards the ground. When he got done being confused, he turned around towards her.
"What was that for, baby?" he asked
"You're getting a little to comfortable with me," she answered, "I'm cutting you off,"
He looked stunned.
"Not forever," she continued, "Just till we finish the ceremony. Consider it an incentive," she turned around to make her landing, then looked over her shoulder at him.
"And the gentlemanly thing," she finished, "Would've been to offer to help with the bags. After all, I did get us breakfast,"
She turned and walked toward the camp, and Brazik walked behind her. Poji was already sitting out side the other tent, and Tether exited it just as they approached.
"Rashez*, Simile!" he said as he saw them.
"He smiles indeed," she answered traditionally.
"What's for breakfast?" asked Poji
"Crab-apples," answered the young woman. "Why aren't the tent's up?" she asked.
"Folding the tent with Isa inside would probably be a bad idea," answered Tether
"Well why isn't she up? She's had her chance to sleep in already," she set down the bag of apples and marched into the tent.
Isa was inside, braiding her hair and humming softly to herself.
"Isa!" said Simile as she entered. "We're not going to a party, we're going hunting. I'm sure the rodents will forgive you if you don't look your prettiest. Get out of the tent now,"
"Well aren't we the bossy one today?" asked Isa. "Someone didn't get enough sleep today. Or did you have a fight with your Omatzi?"
"I'm not kidding Isa. We have a lot of work to do, and I, for one, am looking forward to the initiation. Your hair can wait,"
"You're just jealous cause you don't have any," she said. Simile's turquoise hair was close cropped, growing out only slightly in the back,"
"I like it that way," she answered. "It doesn't get in the way, and unlike yours, it's ready to go when I wake up. Get moving now if you want breakfast," she walked out.
"Tether," she said, "I've been thinking about your idea, and I've decided I like it,"
"What?" asked the other.
Simile bent down and put her hand on one of the tent stakes, motioning the others to do the same. Tether immediately got it. The other two puzzled for a while, then bent down. Simile counted on her fingers. 1...2...3
They pulled up their stakes. The tent collapsed. At the same moment, beam of purple light shot out of Simile's forehead into the tent. Isa screamed.
There were two lumps in the fabric of the tent. One was pixie shaped, definitely Isa. The other appeared to have tentacles and a very large head, and soon ripped through the fabric of the tent. The tentacles had blades on them. It looked like a squid with scimitars. It raised one over Isa's cowering form.
"No!" yelled Simile. To her amazement, the creature stopped, and lowered it's blade, then turned to look at her. The others were staring in amazement.
for a long time, nothing happened.
Simile looked at the squid.
The Squid looked at Simile.
Everyone else looked at the scene with disbelief.
And then the squid vanished.

*Ancient pixie greeting, shortened form of Rashez smile on you. Rashez was either a diety or a great king, no one really knows.

**deragatory term for a lover.

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