Monday, November 08, 2004

The untitled first Doom pixie story, part iii (of part I)

No novel means time to work on pixies. That's a good thing for you.

Back at the camp, Tether was just waking up. Having taken first watch, he had gotten to bed pretty late, and he considered it acceptable to sleep in a little, especially since Simile had volunteered for breakfast duty. Expecting to see his rotund friend, Poji, on the other side of the tent, he was pleased, if a bit confused, to see Isa lying there instead. She had shuffled her blanket down to her feet and was lying on her side facing him, snoring softly, with a gentle contented look. A red-orange night shirt-like garment hung loosely around her sleeping blue form, and her luxuriant dark green hair fell over her shoulders. She was not quite as shapely as Simile, Tether mused, but she was very beautiful in her own right. At least, while she was asleep.
His ponderance was interupted by Poji entering the tent.
"What are you doing up?" asked Tether, "I thought she had third watch"
"I thought so too," said the boy.
"Well,, why didn't you wake her then?" asked the other
"I was.. " Poji began. He stopped, unable to think of a convincing excuse. "H-h-how is it m-m-my fault?" he asked eventually. "Sh-She should have been up,"
"Then wake her," said Tether. He turned to leave.
"W-why don't you?" asked Poji.
"You had the last watch, you wake her,"
By this time, Isa has started to stir. she turned overand stretched then slowly sat up.
'What time is it?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.
"J-j-just after sunup-p," said Poji, angrily "L-longg past you're w-watch,"
"I'm sorry," she said sweetly, "I must have overslept. I need my beauty sleep every so often. Thank you for taking my watch for me,"
Her sweet voices, pitched like a child's, melted the look of rage from Poji's face. "I-it was n-no problem," he said.
Isa stood up and took her hunting clothes off of the rack. "Would you too mind waiting outside? A girl needs her privacy,"
"O-of course," said Poji. He left back through the tent flap.
"May I equip myself first?" asked Tether, " I have a feeling we'll be moving out pretty quick after breakfast,"
"You can stay," said Isa, "I really just needed to get rid of Poji. I don't enjoy being gawked at,"
But you have to admit," pointed out Tether, " His attraction to you has it's advantages. You probably got more sleep last night than anyone else. I'm worried he can only work double shifts for so long, though"
"You think I did that on purpose?" asked the girl
"I didn't say that,"
"I'm not trying to take advantage of the poor boy," she responded.
"Good" said Tether. He collected the rest of his things and headed out the door.

That's four out of five main characters somewhat developed, and we're almost ready to start a plot. Please tell me what you think.

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