Thursday, November 04, 2004

I hate November

Not much else to say. It's easily the worst months of the year, and this one is particularly bad. Less than a week into it I've gotten enough sleep one day out of those five, our nation re-eleected one of it's worst presidents ever, I've had more homework than I can remember having ever, and I realized that I still have feelings for Ashley, which I'm trying to get over for William's sake. And I'm taking it all out on Evan, which really probably isn't fair, but I can't really help it and it's sort of his own fault. Today I screwed up a lab in physics and Mrs. Dingman yelled at me in Chamber, because I was unfocused, because I'm not getting enough sleep. I clearly don't have time to write a novel.
The one ray of hope in this nightmare of a week has been Amy. And even she I'm a little uncertain about. I'm thinking about quiting Chamber choir.
And yes Evie, I'm comfortable posting all this here because I'm 90% certain you're the only one still reading it.

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wings said...

I'll never stop reading. *hug*