Friday, November 26, 2004

I suck at titles

As he flew off in search of their quarry, Brazik was thinking about the happenings of the morning. He was horribly confused by Simile's behavior. He wasn't in love with her, not by any stretch of the word. In fact he'd been thinking about breaking it off with her the previous night. But no girl had ever given up an opportunity to spend more time with him before, and because it had never happened, he had assumed it to be impossible. He was going over what, in his mind, seemed to be the two options - Simile was crazy, or she was a lesbian. He'd been trying to reconcile one of these options with what he knew of her when the squid incident took place. That's when a new idea came to him (a rare event in the life of someone like Brazik). Maybe he wasn't being manly enough. After all, he didn't step in and try to tackle the squid. He'd just been too startled to think about it. This, he reasoned, must be why Simile would want to spend less time with me. I must show her how tough I am. The fact that the supposed cause came after the supposed effect did not matter to Brazik. When present with a problem, he tended to choose the situation with the simplest solution, even if it had obvious logical flaws. This is what was going through Brazik's mind when Poji alerted the others to his discovery.
"D-D-D-Down there!" he let out.
"Found one?" asked Brazik.
"N-n-no, b-b-but, l-l-l-look,"He pointed down. Four creatures were marching, carrying something between them. A fifth rode in front, on some sort of giant cat. They looked sort of like a cross between a man and an Armidillo. They were heavily armored with long tails ending in spike-balls. They were carrying pikes, and had swords at their sides.
"Orks?" asked Brazik
"Orks are more reptilian," answered Tether, "And they're too tall to be goblinoids. I can't recall ever studying a creature like that,"
(Tether had never been outside the colony any more than the others, but he was an avid reader and had amassed far more knowledge of the world than most pixie's his age)
"Who cares?" asked Isa, "They're not our problem,"
Simile was staring at what they were carrying between them. Lying on a make-shift litter, still unconscious, was the little girl.
"No," she answered, "It's mine,"
And with that she dove down towards them.

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